page contentsF convert multiple jpg to pdf , How to convert jpg to pdf, Pdf Converter , convert 50 images in one pdf file.
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Sunday, March 24, 2019

convert multiple jpg to pdf , How to convert jpg to pdf, Pdf Converter , convert 50 images in one pdf file.

How to convert multiple jpg to pdf file.

Before this article lets read a short knowledge on what is jpg file.

Jpg file.

Jpg is a extension for digital graphic files means images. JPEG file also kown  as jpg file for image extension. JPEG means joint photograohic experts group. Jpg have special codec  to represent an image how to compressed.
Jpg files is opened with most of editors and softwares. It is a common format or images.

What is pdf ?

Pdf is a Adobe product which rarely used to read text, images, links or videos etc at one place. Without any app or software on any hardware operating systems. It's launched in 1990 by Adobe. With extension .pdf which means portable document format. When you open a pdf document the layout of documents Should be look same.

How to convert jpg to pdf ?

Convert multiple jpg to pdf

You have need online or offline pdf converter to convert any here we learn about fast and easy or safe online method .

Step 1.

Open your browser ans visit This Link in your chrome browser.

You can see this type of webpage

Step 2.

Upload imeges one by one or by selecting by follow the upload button on screen.

Upload files from here

Here in last you can see your images which is  successful uploaded.

Step 3.

Now click on merge button after upload all images. 
Click on merge button

Step 4.

Now download your merged file  in .pdf format.

Note :- you can add images by enter image  url.

How to convert jpg to pdf offline or via software.
Here is some best and fast converter in  the list below you can download. After download the software install it. Or run


Open a software  to  convert file.


Select file format which you want to convert your document or files.

Step  3.

Now upload your files in to  Converter and click on convert now.

Download your files and save to your computer.

Here is a list of pdf converters.

Best pdf converter.

1. Icecream PDF converter.
Icecream PDF Converter can convert PDFs in DOCX, DOC,JPG, PNG and HTML format (among others), and can convert up to ten pages at a single time. You can divide and  convert a multi-page PDF files into several documents files rather than  a one large.

Here you can download icecream pdf converter.

2. WPS PDF to Word Converter
Wps PDF to word converter can do both things pdf to document convert and document  to pdf.
You can  easily convert multiple files  and  format in  wps.

Here you can download WPS PDF to Word Converter

3. DocuFreezer

This converter is convert you document batch vise. Convert your document, image and spreadsheet in various formats like .doc, .png,  .pdf or more.

Click here to download DocuFreezer

So these are some best bdf converter software you can  install or you can  also convert online.

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