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Wednesday, March 13, 2019

How To Operate Tv With Mobile, Use Smart phones as your Tv Remote

How to use tv with smartphone.

Hello dear reader here you can found the solution  of using smartphone as your tv or dish tv or any other remote control gadgets remote control.  You have lost your tv remote,  don't worry you have a good solution here.  Today's life everybody have smartphone so you can use your smartphone as your tv remote control.  Read this article completely to know how to use your smartphone as your Tv remote control.
So first of all you need a smartphone with infrared sensor.
What is infrared sensor IR?
Infrared Sensors are basically an electronic devices which are specially used to sense the changes that occur in their area. The changes may be in the color, temperature, moisture, sound, heat, in electronic devices etc. They sense the change and work also. In IR sensor the there is present emitter and detector. An Emitter emits the IR rays and a detector detects it.
By this sensor we can use our smartphone as TV remote control.  All the remote of tv,  ac,  dishtv,  car,  music systems etc. Works on infrared sensor.

How tv remote works?

You may already recognize one thingconcerning the EM (electromagnetic) spectrum. the sunshine we tend to see is a component of the EM spectrum. Radio waves, microwaves, and X-rays ar a part ofit, too. Another half is named infrared. Like all elements of the EM spectrum, infrared may be a reasonably energy that moves in waves. Our eyes cannot see infrared waves. we will not see radio, microwaves, or X-rays, either. Infrared waves act within the same ways in which light-weight will. Infrared is mirrored, or bounces off, light-weight things higher than dark things. it'sabsorbed by dark things higher than by light-weight things. light-weight travels during a line and then do infrared waves.
Your TV remote sends out a unique beam of infrared waves. It sends out totally different codes for various commands. The television receiver receives the beam. A semiconductor device within the TV "reads" the beam, very similar to your brain "reads" the signals sent to that by your eyes. The semiconductor tells the TV what you wish it to try to to. The remote will tell it to show the degree up or down. The remote will tell your TV to alter channels.
Remotes will send messages to your TV during a line. you cannot use the remote in another area and acquire the TV to try and do what you wish. you cannot stand between someone mistreatment the remote and therefore the TV. you want topoint the remote at the TV and not be too far, and you need to not block the infrared beam.

How to check infrared sensor is available in your smartphone?

1.   Go to Google search in your browser type "specifications of Your smartphone model number"
2. Search this and check is infrared sensor available in your smartphone.
(you can Find all details about your smartphone on various websites select one and read full details about phone. Check ir sensor is available in your smartphone)
If yes then you can use your smartphone as TV  remote  control.
So lets go to know how to use smartphone as our tv remote control.
Step 1.
Search tv remote control in your Google play Store.
Step 2.
Now download an application with good ratings and highly downloaded.
Step  3.
Install it.
Step 4.
Now select your device where you want to use remote in your smartphone.
Connect your smartphone with device and enjoy.
This is so simple to access your Tv with your mobile.  Now you don't have any need of remote. Play your DVD TV or setup box with your phone.
if you have not infrared sensor in your android mobile then you can use this method to use your android smartphone as you electronic appliances.
Without a ir blaster sensor it is very difficult task  to control ur tv or other electronic appliances with your own Android smartphone.but there is a possibility if your tv is smart one and connected to same wifi network as ur device connects.

There is an another way round to buy  wifi to ir controller that connects your Android phone to multiple appliences using with this app
one of the highest rated remote apps on Google Play Store because it's very easy to set up, controls any device with your smartphone you can imagine, and you can use it with a android smartphone that doesn't have any infrared sensor blaster. you'd need to buy a Wi-Fi-to-infrarred sensor controller).

Download an app from Google play store from your phone by searching tv remote app via wi fi. 
After successfully download install the app in your smartphone.
Now connect both your smartphone or your smart TV with wi fi. And select your smart TV.
Now you can operate your smart TV  with your Android mobile.

Best and unique TV remote control apps :-

You are in hurry and you are late to go your office or work and you forget to off your Tv.  Don't worry you can off your Tv or access your electronic appliances from your Android smartphone via remote control Android app.  Here  is some best apps to operate your TV with your mobile. You can find all the apps in Google play Store. Download one of these apps.  If any apps not work on your android phone then try another application.

These are some best apps for TV remote control from your phone.

Thanks to reading this post.

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